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Bad Luck Brian in fun
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I for one can't wait to eat gluten free veggie burgers on board my balloon flight to Hawaii. in politics
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I gotcha! I hope all is good with you too! I'm good!
I for one can't wait to eat gluten free veggie burgers on board my balloon flight to Hawaii. in politics
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Yup. No one actually wants to work, just laziness and expecting so much for themselves.

How are you man? It's been a long time!
I know many Flippers that are goin' straight to Hell!!! (Myself Included) in fun
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Hey, this comment is going to be serious but please read

The post may be funny but I care about all of you all. We all deserve to go to hell by everything we have ever done. Ask your conscience, have you lived a perfectly good life? I mean, that what it takes to get to heaven and be with God.

But we'll find the EVERYONE to ever exist (except one man) deserves to go to hell, because we all sin, we all fall short.

That's why God became a man, Jesus of Nazareth, and DIED. GOD came to Earth and actually DIED on a cross so that on judgement day, your sins will be on the cross, and God's righteousness will instead be in you. By Jesus Christ, by trusting that He died for you and took away your sins, you are saved. His salvation is for those who believe, that's why I'm making this post. Believe in what Jesus did for you and repent of your sins (repent means to turn away). Stop falling into the same sins that you're in; atleast try to break free of the bondage of sin. And never stop trying, God will help you through the process.

God was willing to come down to Earth and DIE so that you and Him can have a relationship! Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I have a relationship with Him! You'll be in a relationship with Him too! And you will feel love and Joy!

I love you Raydog and anyone else reading this. I care about you. My life has changed from coming to Christ.

I feel peace. I feel safe. This world is so horrible and harsh and I'm able to say that I feel peace!

6 years of porn, cursing, blasphemy, hating others, selfishness all GONE when I trusted in Jesus! YOU WILL CHANGE TOO!!!!!

God loves you and so do I!