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Peat Buddha Judge in politics
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10 points for the MASH reference
The Electoral College Always Wins in politics
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It's very different here, in terms of the environment. Our district is home to the Adirondacks - a 6 million acre mixed-use state preserve that dominates much of the state. The people who live and work in it rely heavily on environmental tourism - fishing, skiing, hunting, snowmobiling, boating, etc. etc. Our representative voted in favor of repealing the clean air and clean water act, as well as opening the area up to fracking, mining, and logging, because that's where much her campaign's money came from. In doing so, she encouraged the destruction of much of what makes this area financially viable.

As for the NRA, I personally don't have a problem with firearms, or their ownership. Guns are fun. What I DO have a problem with, is when a lobby blatantly buys a politician, and then that politician acts against the interests of their constituents. That is SPECIFICALLY what Madison, Hamilton and Jay were concerned about when they discussed lobbyists in The Federalist Papers.
The Electoral College Always Wins in politics
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I suppose doing nothing would be better than our alternative - a woman actively trying to dismantle decades of environmental protections in a district that relies heavily on environmental tourism to kowtow to her industrial and NRA donors, all while hiding from the press and any sort of public meeting, and simultaneously complaining that she isn't treated fairly in the media.
The Electoral College Always Wins in politics
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Don't get me wrong, the Electoral College was a perfectly fine idea when it was created. While I believe people of the day actually had a better understanding and respect for civics than they do today, they were hampered by the speed of travel, communication and news. Voting for someone would adequately represent your values only made sense.

But now, information travels so fast that people can't catch up, and our representatives are so busy campaigning for their next term that they are no longer interested in the needs of their constituents. None of my district's needs have been met in the last 8 years because our only Congressional Representative is a freshman Congresswoman who only speaks for the NRA. It's very frustrating.