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This never gets old... in fun
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Far Left is Communism , totalitarianism Far Right is anarchy -
This never gets old... in fun
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POTUS saved you from extermination you should be grateful , Hillary planned on stacking the Scotus and rewriting the Constitution and basically launching WW3 , look up the georgia guidestones where the globalist kill everyone but 500 million for slavery and childs blood for their weird satanic fountain of youth ceremonies
World War 3? in fun
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wasn't a new guy was a lifetime state employee
Untitled Image in fun
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did you know these trains have leg chains and shackles for prisoner transport , Im not talking just 2 or3 , they have trains with hundreds of leg shackles and chains.
Untitled Image in fun
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NY to LA is often used instead of coast to coast , Military special ops use these trains for covert operations , the mystery about these underground bases and high speed trains and tunnels need to be exposed not critiqued .