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Do you feel the same? in politics
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It displays your racist thinking. How the hell do you inject race into a situation where everyone involved was white? Only a racist would think of "checking your bias" by injecting a racial element where none existed, at least, not where normal, non-racist people are concerned.
If you're always looking around you to identify the racist then you can stop looking because the racist is you.
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 2w
He's been gone for almost a year and yet he still rules your mind, or what's left of it. TDS is a killer.
Sunset in politics
0 ups, 2w
The war is already here, it started in January of 2020 when they sent their bioweapon. COVID wasn't the actual weapon, it was the excuse to use the weapon.
Do you feel the same? in politics
0 ups, 2w
The question you ask says a lot about you, and none of it is good.