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prequels in starwarsmemes
1 up, 7mo
Yes I will say that rogue one was a good movie. (The only good Star Wars MOVIE Disney has produced)
Nostalgia in Minecraft
0 ups, 7mo
Dr. Trayoros’s lab… :,)
prequels in starwarsmemes
0 ups, 7mo
The prequels ar e the best 3 movies, then the original 3, then rouge one (cause it doesn’t really fit in any category) then the sequels
Untitled Image in starwarsmemes
2 ups, 7mo
Lucas film set up a series that SJIULD HAVE ended after 6 movies and some side stories that aren’t relevant to the movie plot. (ex. clone wars) Disney is trying to suck as much money out of Star Wars as possible, not to make good stories that are actually cool and entertaining, they make them entirely to make more money.