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my username is what i need to go to lmao
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An Astronomers Tale in Dark_humour
1 up, 1mo
Trees that look black due to shadows don't make it dark humor
Average Vape Fan vs Average Oxygen Enjoyer in fun
0 ups, 1mo
The vape may taste good, but the lung cancer sure as hell won't
It's 2023, take that thing off! in fun
1 up, 3mo
"is not actually effective from keeping germs out" my ass, look at the science lmfao
0 ups, 3mo
10 year olds when a homophobic/ transphobic meme gets more than 100 views (they want popularity) | image tagged in write that down | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
as a gay person, i thought this was actually funny until the title
It's 2023, take that thing off! in fun
4 ups, 3mo
but like

it's their choice, why do you care