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I'll stop when he is impeached. Or gets us all killed.
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trump mad
Another Trump Klan Rally, huh? They are gonna be so embarrassed when they realized they all forgot their white hoods.
trump putin
You know what they call a bunch of snowflakes coming together? An avalanche. But no matter how many Trump supporters you put together they will still be just a bunch of idiots.
trump putin
An elected Russian puppet is perfectly fine. You guys sure have a hard-on for an old grandmother. Even one that isn't even mentioned. I bet you guys are really into GILFs.
Third World Skeptical Kid
You are so confused. You are not even replying to the right post. Every racist thinks,"It isn't racist. It's a fact.' defense. So there are no racists because there are no races. That's like a blind man saying,"I can't see the Sun. Therefore there is no Sun." Yet, Hitler is considered a racist (Among many other horrible things) because he murdered 1.3 million Jews. But being Jewish isn't a race. It's a religion. So I guess Hitler wasn't racist?
Third World Skeptical Kid
I've never met someone so racists he doesn't know he is racist. Go ahead and say the stuff Trump says about black people to any random black person. Not at a Trump clan rally.