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I'll stop when he is impeached. Or gets us all killed.
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You just said 'All that stuff would have happened anyway' which isn't true. To answer your other question.
Snow storm Large
About 97% of scientists it is because of us. Every summer has been the hottest summer for about 7 years. Hurricanes are getting stronger. The water level is rising. While at the same time water is becoming too poisonous for most sea life. Forest fires are getting deadlier due to heat. Trump was handled a report about it. He said, "it's fine. It's fine." And that he didn't believe the report. So enjoy our final 12 years.
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Here is an analogy. Consider you are in a tanning bed getting a suntan. When someone throws a cup of ice cubes on your back. Then closes the tanning bed with you inside so you can't move but the ice cubes on your back begin to melt and drift to other areas. The places they were dry up and new places are now colder. Eventually, all the ice will melt but you will still be cooking. So while certain places are colder you are warming up. Hence the word 'Global Warming.' The ice cubes can represent the ice caps, rising sea levels, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.
Bff's 4ever!
I can't remember all the time I screamed at my friend's to 'lock them up' in front of a rabid, unstable fanbase and suggest someone should shoot them. Trump doesn't have friends. He has accomplices.
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It's called 'Climate Change' now. Too many idiots think 'global warming' means it should be getting hotter everywhere. Hence we have idiot senators throwing snowballs on the Senate floor.