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Trump Putin phone call
Trump and Putin Summit. Putin invites Muellers team to initiate action of the 1999 Treaty for cooperation to take down criminals, regarding the 12 accused Russians. Invites Mueller team to then come to Russia and be present at the interrogation of the 12 accused Russians. Mentions Soros and his interference in the whole world. Working together as 90 percent of world nuclear power to prevent nuclear war. Working together to help refugees return to their own countries, and relieve the immigrant problem that invades europe. Working together to resolve Israel-Gaza problem. Agreeing to compete in world trade in a civil manner. Discussion, conversation, and real concern for the rule of law, prosperity for the citizens of their own countries. Providing an atmosphere in which unipolar world government cannot overtake sovereign countries. And much more. The ball is now in your court, people. This all makes so much sense.
Trump-Putin Summit
Ok, so I'm an optimist.
Trump-Putin Summit
Trump and Putin save the world, God prevails, peace.
CFG Soros Behind Hillary
But Hillary was really at Costco that day.