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Flower - ASDF 12 in fun
0 ups, 9m
He seems really friendly, but he is actually really sinister
Flower - ASDF 12 in fun
0 ups, 9m
I can’t, that is literally Flowey at the beginning of undertale in a nutshell
Change My Mind in fun
1 up, 1y
I mean, if the airplane was never invented, then what would have crashed into the twin towers?
Change My Mind in Smash_ultimate
0 ups, 1y
um, inkling is alresdy a fighter, and they have too many echo fighters anyway
Imgflip upvote in MEMES_OVERLOAD
1 up, 1y
but why would i do that when I am more concerned about corona virus than upvotes? if people on imgflip die from corona virus, how will i get to look at memes?