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my memes are cringe
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Gross in fun
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Encouragement in fun
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Straight facts
Doge Meme *with a plot twist* in fun
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Meow, meow, I’m a cow. I said meow meow I’m a—
Sid the science kid dance in fun
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never really watched kipper much but i liked it some. pingu was straight up creepy. like oh my god i remember this episode where he had a dream about this huuuuge seal and I remember being so scared of that thing
Sid the science kid dance in fun
2 ups, 4y
yea i feel you...all about the meaning of life and shit. also, most shows that were great then have now turned to garbage, like spongebob. i swear, seasons 1-3 are golden and seasons 4-about 6 are mediocre at best. the rest is just a big steaming pile of ugh