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what is this bug in fun
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That is not a praying mantis
what is this bug in fun
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what is this bug called?
roblox not fun in fun
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Agreed, it’s hard to find fun games. I normally play group games like star wars groups, fps games, roleplay games, sports games, and I develop. So, I find some fun in the Roblox website. Not saying that the game is completely boring, but it’s just not as fun as it was. People used to be more creative and want people to have fun. Not making simulators knowing little kids will play them knowing they will spend robux on it.
roblox not fun in fun
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moderation doesn’t make games fun. i don’t want my account to get terminated to saying the word gay.
roblox not fun in fun
3 ups, 12m
it used to be fun, but now it’s all money grab games for little kids. some games are still fun, but very hard to find. i’ve been playing since 2014, so i’ve seen the changes.