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A thought for this gentleman in fun
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Dog just wanted to catch his owner's stick..
UNO Draw 25 Cards in fun
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That's a problem in US. Most world doesn't have that issue..
pretty cool facts in fun
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This is even mild compared to what nature has to offer.

Did you know that one type of female hyenas (spotted hyenas) have pseudop**ises and they rip them apart when they give birth. Quite often hyenas even die when they give birth first time.

Did you know that there is an animal species (bonobos) who are as close to us as chimpansees, but we don't talk much about them, becuase they are horny as f*ck. Most kinks you can think of.. they do them openly and quite often. Incest, pedophilia, necrophilia.. you name it. It's actually rare to get footage of bonobos without anyone fornicating.

Did you know that there is already something a kin of a zombie virus out there. Only it's a fungus and it takes over ants. Something that is similar to zombie virus is also a parasite that cats have it and many think that our love toward cats has been caused by this parasite ending up in our bodies and altering our mind.