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Meatloaf died yesterday in Dark_humour
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Oh dude.........My meme is fire, but yours, as sad is this makes me admit, might have an edge! Fire.....just a fire meme all around! Mine was the first meme I have fact...before this morning...i had no idea where memes came from. I am a teacher, and my kids were taking a standardized test this morning. I had nothing to do, so I thought I would see how meatloaf died. I clicked on his picture, and it brought the picture to this meme generator website. I do not think I could have done a better job for a first try!!!! Truly makes me extremely happy and fulfilled to know there is another person in this world with the same messed up sense of humor as me.
Well done dude...........I am sure that if we lived in the same community, we would be best friends and have many campfires in which we turn all manner of sad and depressing "stuff" into wonderful outlets of emotion in the form of a hoot of a good laugh!!! Bravo my friend.....Bravo!!!