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hello. welcome to the worst memes you will ever see in your life.
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I was inspired to make this meme by riding in the back of a school bus. in fun
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Yikes, I remember having to ride the bus for all three years of middle school and I’d always stick to as close to the front as I could because of the rude troublemakers who would sit in the back half. 6th, 7th and 8th grade, I do not miss you.
Predicting the future in fun
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Ooh-ooh, I look just like Rivers Cuomo...
Weezer's blue album is awesome! in AwesomeMusic
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Highly, highly, highly agree!
What happened to boys being boys and girls being girls? in fun
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What the f**k is this even implying? That it’s better for boys to shoot people than it is for them to wear makeup?