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Change My Mind in fun
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OMFG thank yall so much this is my best meme now and it makes me feel so great when people enjoy my sense of humour. u guys da best <(^^)>
SNOW in fun
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Untitled Image in fun
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[image deleted]ObViOsLy dA flappy bOi
Untitled Image in fun
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just so yall know my friends friend took this pic the story is her dad is a worker at petsmart and one of the hampsters is afraid of everything. they were feeding him celery then he got scared and my friend took a picture together they made it a meme so using this image of the hamster I decided to make a meme. now you can find hampster with a cross merch on redbubble. so pls don't give me credit for this image its my friends friends image and I only am posting it to make it even more popular.