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i like blitzo
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Nostalgia Time~! (I'm back into my Run 3 obsession, so-) in Gacha_OCs
0 ups, 2d
and you know what i think is crazy? i tried guessing all of their ages (except the animals)

runner: 25
skater: 24
child: 9.5
student: 14
angel: 26?
duplicator: 30+?
pastafarian: 40+?
gentleman: probably the same age as the duplicator
there's some anonymous furry in the stream that we must kill in Anti-Furrys
0 ups, 3d
then send them to the furry stream
Done (Yippee) in Drawings
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how do you draw so well on js paint
. in fun
0 ups, 4d
rock beats scissors

scissors beat paper

paper beats rock