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barely active anymore but I miss y'all 💖 | hmu: Discord: luckii.__ | TikTok: @luckii.__ | 220 hot people
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lavender axolotl in MS_memer_group
1 up, 7h
image tagged in oh my god who the hell cares | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
this "trend" is beyond overused it's not even used on discord anymore
Calvin gun in MS_memer_group
2 ups, 7h
also your a reddit stereotype, not the "mlady" but "me and the bois" stereotype
Calvin gun in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 7h
image tagged in i'm stuff | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
your humor is extremely out of date and you still make fun of children for being "cringe" on a bad online forum
I have a homestuck oc now.. in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 7h
no watermark? this just be my best oc yet
Calvin gun in MS_memer_group
0 ups, 7h
bro ur 21 just bear with it