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Transphobes looking for an excuse to hate trans people in fun
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I certainly don’t see how these two points are mutually exclusive lol.Also, refusing to believe the biologically bankrupt notion that humans can change their sex isn’t hate.
Untitled Image in fun
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Actually if you understand law, it’s not that absurd.For instance, if the mens rea(Knowledge that you are committing a crime or have intent to do so)isn’t present, one can engage in the physical elements of an illegal act, and yet not be guilty.A prime example of this is a shopper who forgets about an item placed in his or her cart and leaves the store without paying for it.
Is This A Pigeon in fun
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A law prohibiting people from commenting on videos is a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment!
Untitled Image in politics
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“the real question the court had to decide was:if abortions remain illegal,will that be a deterrent to women having abortions?“

Whether or not they will continue to occur is irrelevant.What’s important is that victims enjoy equal protection under the law(Which is guaranteed under the 14th Amendment)

PS:Using that sort of reasoning, I am surprised that the courts didn’t also legalize theft,rape,fraud etc.(As they will still occur if they are illegal)
Untitled Image in politics
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So you’re saying that people who were conceived in rape somehow have less intrinsic value as human beings?