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FLIPPING OF THE BIRD !! The Welcoming Committee of Lahaina Maui !! in politics
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BAM, TRUTH - Equestrian !! Biden's a Narcissistic A-H !! Wait is AH one word or two ? Hmmmm I'll have to spell check that. :"D
MOVE OVER AFGHANIES ! ISIS is moving back in !! in politics
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Good Question! The Biden Admin. should had brought it all back home. But the Biden's Admin. has even said (on Natl. tv :o) we're running out of ammunition, which I NEVER would have admitted on National T.v. so that our enemies could hear that about us. :/
Fr in fun
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Yep - Same here in Kern County, CA - - - - EVERY SINGLE SUMMER !! People will PARK all the way at the end of the parking lot under the only shade trees ! And then rapidly speed walk to the store . . . :/ :'D