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Picard Wtf in politics
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If one wishes to know who the true racists are, s/he simply has but to look at the first people who shout "That's Racist." Oh, it's true, it's damn true.
Picard Wtf in politics
1 up, 4m
"You People" as in all the people who think the term "colored people" is racist, be they black, white, brown yellow, red, green, blue, or orange with purple microdots.
the definition of pain in the ass in fun
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Would you believe that Facebook prohibited this image? Simply because it is defined as "Pain in the Ass."
Trump Bill Signing in fun
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Hopefully he'll stop tweeting because he gets butthurt over every little comment they make.
That Would Be Great in fun
2 ups, 8m
What's the point in waiting? Oh, yeah … can't profit off it until the person becomes famous.