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Trump Bill Signing
Hopefully he'll stop tweeting because he gets butthurt over every little comment they make.
That Would Be Great
What's the point in waiting? Oh, yeah … can't profit off it until the person becomes famous.
Dad Joke Dog
I fail to see what either has to do with this.
Dad Joke Dog
Are you seriously telling me that it is up to an individual or a family to decide if an animal, regardless of how domesticated it may be, is human or not? I'll tell you what: When an animal can respond to this meme, I will be convinced of your pabulum. Until then, human beings are defined by art, architecture, culture, etc., not to mention "The definition of a human being is a member of the Homo sapiens species, characterized by walking on two feet, opposing thumbs, five fingers and binocular color vision."
I ask myself that very same question. :)