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Gay married man defends baker, as does the Supreme Court
I've always felt that a pastor's place within the church itself is preaching the Word of God, not stumping for a particular Party or candidate. At least from the pulpit. What he does privately is his own affair, but when he is at the altar he is there to preach the Word. He can preach on the morality and Biblical or non-Biblical nature of our laws, and that's already legal, but to use his place at the altar to tell his congregation who to vote for, which is not legal, is an abuse of the trust given him. The church is the House of God, not a place to try and associate God's authority with a particular political candidate or Party. Can you imagine if the Israelite priests had used the Holy of Holies to hang banners for Pilate or Caesar? They'd have been stoned for blasphemy.
Gay married man defends baker, as does the Supreme Court
True, and the repercussions of "Religious Liberty" laws that impose the will of any religious group on others has blown back pretty hard, too. Groups suing schools to allow religious clubs to form on public school property ended up opening the door to atheist and satanist groups. And now there's a case before a court about a church suing for government funds to be allotted to fix up their church's playground, which could be used later to rescind tax exempt status and closed book policies for churches. Bet they didn't think about that when they complained. :D
Gay married man defends baker, as does the Supreme Court
Kind of oversimplifying his position, isn't it? He also had a super long discussion on how these kinds of decisions may snowball in a direction the original participants would find disturbing.
Star Wars Career Choices
But don't worry, you'll also be pigeon-holed as the best Joker EVAH!
problem solved
Yeah, now they piss in their pants as they flee an open-mawed Hillary Clinton at crotch level. So much more mess.