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proud obnoxious ukraine bias at eurovision // how did you know i like go_a?! // slava ukraini! heroyam slava! <3
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Ukraine and Serbia: 5th place besties <3 in fun
0 ups, 1mo
guys i don't mean Kalush didn't deserve the win (THEY ABSOLUTELY DID OH MY GOD) but Konstrakta is definitely high up on my scoreboard along with Zdob si Zdub and (hot take incoming) LPS
I LOVE 5TH PLACE <3 in fun
0 ups, 2mo
same lol
I LOVE 5TH PLACE <3 in fun
0 ups, 2mo
gets what? i also kinda stan bc
dark school meme in Dark_humour
0 ups, 2mo
I had James Newman like 18th out of 39 so it could be much worse