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kaneda1981 (8010)
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Liberals... liberals... everywhere i see liberals... god help us
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Bad Luck Brian in fun
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thank you
Upvote week September 10th to 14th a landon_the_memer and 1forpeace event. in fun
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no... mister ive never had hardship in his life deserves a million down votes
AR-15 in fun
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Cajun_Thor i think he just a squeaker raging because i could careless about what he calls me...i get call a nazi, an asshole and many other name daily just because i support i dont care what he has to say
AR-15 in fun
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1. if that true then thank you for your service...but if its not then your a ragging squeaker...ether way be an asshole to ill be one right back
2. im not a kid im 37 must be a kid because every cuss word you said is censored...grow up dude names are just names they cant hurt you unless you let them... also if you continue this death threat shit ill report you to the have no right saying that stuff