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I guess this meme was way too deep for imgflip.com to feature... at least 'Margaret Chase Smith' is a new tag for the site...
Bernie Sanders is Insane
Indeed, Scandinavian countries are capitalist democracies with socialist healthcare. People there had jobs which paid them well, unlike here, before socialist medicine and education vouchers were agreed upon by their population. The combination of high wages and low unemployment allowed taxes to be increased without hurting the average workers wallet, unlike here. They also have significantly smaller and less diverse populations. Using a country with 5-10 million people as a model for one with 325 million is ridiculous. Over the past 20 years these countries have also had to scale back the amount of socialist programs they offer. Influxes of immigrants who they've tried to add to this system become failed experiments - immigrants often end up with the lowest paying jobs and people who have low paying jobs can't afford the taxation - so they have now created a full fledged welfare-state out of immigrants and many of the lowest paid workers. I grant you, that America might not end up quite like Venezuela, but socialized medicine will not work here. It would send people living paycheck to paycheck into poverty in exchange for government regulated healthcare. It would expand our already swollen welfare-state. It's also being misrepresented to voters rather unfairly. No 'democrat' socialist candidate is out there honestly telling people how much more they would be taxed in order to have socialized medicine. They sell it as 'Medicare for all'. People hear that and think, well Medicare is basically free. 'Medicare for all' is completely opposite of free if you have to pay three times as much in taxes. I can tell you from a personal standpoint, if you tripled my taxes... my federal deduction, I'd no longer to be able to afford to pay rent - and even worse, the monthly cost to me of tripling federal deductions would actually be more expensive than my current option for health insurance is. I'm well educated on the facts, figures and evils of socialism & socialist medicine. I was one of 6 million Americans who paid the individual mandate penalty rather than be forced to buy insurance. Americans don't like tax increases and they also don't like being forced into anything. I think that you're the one who needs to do more research; instead of using tired old leftist talking points about Scandinavia - who, by the way - have pretty much rebuked Bernie Sanders claims because he's misrepresenting them to the world. Misrepresentation seems to be rampant.
Bernie Sanders is Insane
I understand quite well. The first math takes money from the government and gives it back to Americans. The second math takes money away from Americans and gives it back to the government, in astronomically higher amounts, which is then redistributed in the form of government run health insurance. Americans will never allow our country to be starved and ruined like some socialist backwater.