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Upvoted this one. Because it's on point. The rest... Ummm haha happy new year!
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Splitting hairs; it's a meme at the end of the day. Just give me points for still using mspaint and PowerPoint and for posting some OC :)
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Not sure what mistake you're referring to. She was answering how her mom would handle meeting and negotiating with Trump... But yes it was metaphorical.
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From the context of the conversation it was referring to Trump. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5c2dc77ee4b05c88b705dc8c
As more American #Walkaway from the Democrats, they need to import new voters.
not sure how this is socialism, but definitely a type of corporate welfare. its an end-around for these united states to simultaneously help an ally in a contested region of the world and boost their own economy while improving our military defense industry.