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Democrats vs Republicans in politics
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So, cherry pick the most recent measly 100 years of Earth's history to "prove" CO2 levels are sky high and that man-made climate change is real?
And ignore the thousands and millions of years prior when CO2 levels were significantly higher than they are now, and life continued to thrive?
CO2 is plant food.
CO2 is the basis of all life on Earth.
Earth is currently in a CO2 DROUGHT.
CO2 fluctuations are a normal & naturally occurring phenomenon.
There is zero truth to man-made climate change.
More CO2 means more vegetation and more food for every living creature.
Every action we take to curb CO2 output is an absolute waste of time, effort & money.
CO2 levels and pollution are totally different subjects.
A carbon tax is nothing more than an excuse to tax EVERYTHING.
The entire Covid-19 narrative is just as bogus and politically driven if you actually take time to look into it with humility.
COVID news mask flub in fun
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Here's the full vid on youtube: