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titanic mindblown in fun
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The Simpsons predict it too :
thx from the rest of the world in politics
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The problem is the capitalism system who cant sustain himself without debts. If all debts get paid, the system collapse (for a better system maybe). It is proven that it is impossible that every persons, every governments, every corporations will all pay theirs debts at the same time (because of interest, which is a racket btw) Bankruptcy are inevitable, the poorest or unluckiest will pay for this dumb system. The only way to preserve this system is to create more debts. I still agree with you that all this is ridiculous. No government had the ball to try to change this. JFK is the only one who try to change this, then he get kill for it.

Individually, we can choose to don't have debts, (which I do) but the government have no other choice.
What is dumb is every year, the treat of a default come back because of politicians who use that situation to make pressure for theirs owns interests. This is the proof government don't care at all about theirs people.

Why in the world this meme is labelled NSFW ?
The Scroll Of Truth in fun
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image tagged in will smith punching chris rock | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Chris Rock - Will Smith - Scissors
Darwin would be proud and we would get our freedom back in politics
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image tagged in memes,creepy condescending wonka | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
In Canada, unvaccinated people are 10 % of the population but 50 % of the Covid-19 hospitalization, so they are responsible of the critic situation of the healthcare system, the loss of our freedom, the loss of many people job because of the economy shutdown and the bankruptcy of many restaurants owners. They are clearly the biggest part of the problem.