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Fortunately, this cycle can be broken once in a while...
that's how it goes, everybody knows!
Hijacked democracy
There was no recount in Arizona, it just took a long time to count since so many of the votes are mail-in votes.
futurama zoidberg trash
I get the feeling that 80% of the memers are conservative. Just so you know, I don't down-vote memes just because I have a different point of view. I try to focus on upvoting ones that I like. If I have a different point of view, then I simply express it with a comment or a meme.
futurama zoidberg trash
Well that's obviously correct. Votes have to be made according to the rules.
futurama zoidberg trash
The United States is not a DIRECT democracy, so people don't vote on bills, but it is a democracy because people vote for their representatives. A Constitutional Republic is thus a democracy. In any case, no matter what you call it, counting the votes is a normal thing that you want to do. It shouldn't matter what part of the political divide you are on, count the votes.