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Isis or Ice is? in fun
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Was a play on words isis
Which one is the drooling wolf in fun
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Is this thee Melanie Martinez? I hope you understand that i was just making a stupid meme based on this article. I believe people have to be given a fair chance to defend themselves if accused of wrongdoing, i am actually a big fan of hers and was just being cheeky with this meme. I believe someone called me a liar so i showed the article. Melanie martinez can be a wolf in sheeps clothing or the butcher leading the brainwashed sheeple to their willing demise. Either way i apologize, but my mistakes are here to stay. If you be the real deal please feel im sorry, i eas just being dumb. Now go write your songs and carry on shinning some light in the dark with your twisted rays of sun.
R.I.P Melanie Martinez in fun
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I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian trapped in a bisexuals body. There is nothing wrong with anything. Love who you want and don't be intolerant of other people or their cultures. Except the Dutch. F the dutch!
I hate to be that guy but..…. in fun
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Why spell you're correctly? It totally distracted me from your funny meme!
Impeach trump meme in politics
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Donald drumph, picked these guys remember and he only picks the best people.