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Untitled Image in fun
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thanks man 🙂👍
Just try to. in fun
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the mouse cursor.
Untitled Image in fun
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exactly! i mean, like youtube's "money" depends on shorts, and shorts was a bad idea, because now you got skibidi toilet, patrick bateman, sigma, gigachad, peppino, grimace shake, ohio, only in ohio, skull emoji overuse, bluey, riggy, riggy might not be bad though, but is meant for shorts, women are bad, lgbt is bad, furries are bad, and many more.

And to be honest, YouTube might be the elephant in the room for why this generation sucks now, money and consequences. Don't play around with us Youtube, we know you allow, hate to say this, but sussy things as ads on your platform, and won't even allow us to say a single bad word within 7 seconds, so either get good moderation, or shutdown after 18 years. Also those kids on their mom's phone on youtube making comments like "like if your a sigma for killing furries :moai_emoji: or ,"my respect for that man for hating lgbtq: :chart_rise: :chart_rise: :chart_rise:" really nothing is original now to be honest. So honestly, Youtube went from good to satan in less than a year, from 2022 - 2023.
Untitled Image in fun
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because usually, chains are kind of funny, but sometimes, like on youtube, its just repetitive. like stop begging for likes, or asking for a :skull: emoji chain in the replies, its just copy and paste. also anytime even a youtuber mentions how they like pineapple pizza, or any italian food that has eggs, ketchup or what not, on it, the comments are all like "OmG, tHiS gUy Is ThE mOsT wAnTeD pErSoN iN iTaLy :skull: :skull :skull:" or "LiOnFiElD hAs JoInEd ThE cHaT :skull: :skull:". like its not really that funny, dont just copy and paste a million times, at least come up with something original! also anytime something has at least 2 lbs of chocolate in it, people write how the person who made the food is gonna get type 69 diabetes or something like that. so honestly, thats just how i think.
Coincidence? I think not! in fun
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oh look, a meme that has been reused about 9,546,218 times, all either being reposts or a edited version that uses a $5 chinese photoshop, i guess im forced to laugh at this. ha ha ha.