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Joe Biden in politics
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Biden and Psaki publicly acknowledged they've been working with Facebook to block things Biden thinks are wrong.
Joe Biden in politics
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You don't need to protect speech you don't like. And there is ZERO evidence anyone has died because of what Biden calls "misinformation". And much of the "misinformation" from a few months ago has been proven to be true.
Joe Biden in politics
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The law says that when companies act at the behest of the government then they are agents of the government and thus the First Amendment (and other laws) apply to them just as if they were government.
Pipeline in politics
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"Brightline only will cost $50 for an Orlando to Miami. Southwest Airlines costs over $100."
I just checked Expedia. Frontier has Orlando to Miami flights for $56.
Pipeline in politics
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" Airplanes require trips to the airport outside of the city two to three hours early." And you think trains don't? There will be one terminal in a city just like one airport. And it won't be in the city itself. No way will they build High Speed Rail to downtown Miami or Houston or Dallas.

Orlando to Miami is only 200 miles. Too short for High Speed Rail. Given slow speed required in populated areas, acceleration and deceleration, it would take 2 hours at least.

"It would also be more profitable due to less capacity constraints than airlines"
Uh, no. One rail line means one train. You have to have sidings so that East Bound and West Bound can operate at the same time. Maybe, just maybe, you could get 4 or 5 trips a day. Airlines can fly that route hourly. More capacity constraints on rail.

"proximity to downtown areas"

Nope. They can't build a train station closer to downtown San Francisco or Sacramento or SLC any closer to downtown than the airport is.

"Furthermore, Sacramento to SLC makes more sense due to being in the range where HSR actually functions" But Sacramento is not a major population area in California. And traffic Sacto to SLC is light, as shown by low number of flights. And you can't skip Reno. And building HSR over the Sierras would be monstrously expensive so HSR could never recover the capital expense. Next, figure out how the would build HSR around the mountain next to the Great Salt Lake. Barely enough room for the highway.