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Third World Skeptical Kid
Anyone with 30 seconds can do a quick search and decide! : ) The decision on whether you're a pathetic, butthurt POS is already in tho!!! <sniff sniff> Sparky didn't get the recognition he KNOWS he deserves!! LMAO
Third World Skeptical Kid
Exactly, except Sparky swears to God he is the only original creator on this site!!!! Not only does he want the masses to know he thought of it first, but implies everyone must have "stolen" his genius take!! Kind of a pretentious asshole, if you ask me!
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Arse? Oh f**k, are you an inbred east-coaster Sparky?? It really does explain a lot!!!
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Thanks, Sparky! Coming from the meme Queen, it means that much more!!
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Hey, Sparky, I'm not the one that was implying I'm a meme genius!!! Bahahahaha