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Bendable Bliss Arm in fun
0 ups, 3mo
Alexa Bliss is double-jointed from what I heard.
Charlie Brown thinks Peppermint Patty and Marcie would make a great couple. in fun
0 ups, 4mo
No, she's a girl! There's been a running joke for years about Patty and Marcie being a lesbian couple. Marcie always called her sir, but that doesn't mean she's a dude. It might mean Marcie's polite or just plain confused.
Dallas Cowboys still suck as they're STILL DEM BOYZ. in fun
0 ups, 8mo
The refs have been terrible in every game this postseason so I'll give you that one.
R.I.P. Tommy Oliver in fun
0 ups, 10mo
I created this myself! I had to cut out pieces of each Power Ranger helmet that JDF aka Tommy Oliver wore to make them fit on one helmet. They need to make an actual helmet of this.