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This is embarrassing in politics
0 ups, 2m
Did you hear that Hitlary Clinton just got busted for using campaign funds on the Steel Dossier Dirty Tricks campaign? So Russia, Russia, Russia was BS all along. Keep singing Mocking bird.
This is embarrassing in politics
1 up, 2m
No, but thanks for the offer. I'm just giving your boy Joe Biteme the same respect and consideration given Trump.
Alzheiners Ward in politics
1 up, 2m
You're right. We should probably hold out for IQ Tests too.
Laugh it up in politics
0 ups, 2m
Daa. To Russian, this is galling, no?
NO WAR FOR HUNTER's Crack Money in politics
0 ups, 4m
Biden stole the election in the middle of the night. Even cheating, it was no landslide. There were more votes than registered voters in your shit hole cities