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Ceti Alpha Omicron in politics
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I can't speak to buses (I always walked to school - different era I suppose), but I do know that when someone makes an ad hominem attack, it is usually a clear sign of your opponent's lack of true argument and/or intelligence. Best wishes to you sir.
Get Woke Go Broke in politics
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Antifa Fascist in politics
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I see your criticism is focused on artistic choices, but none of the written description of Antifa's actions. Is that because (deep down and despite all of your cognitive dissonance) you know that the word are true? It's a difficult thing to comprehend and accept that you are a supporter (or maybe even a member) of the spiritual successors to the 'brown shirts', 'red guard' and other of history's violent thugs, bullies and instruments of oppression & persecution. If you were to comprehend this, you might re-evaluate some of your life choice and move toward becoming a better human being. I'll pray for your soul today.