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But That's None Of My Business in politics
1 up, 4y
In my opinion, I don't think I'm complaining; I'm just mentioning that said issue wasn't mentioned once.
Would I have made an analogous meme had it been brought up? I don't know....maybe. Had done so, considering how the whole investigation went and the fact that he is still in office, I wouldn't have been wrong. But whatever, think what you want, it's cool...
Biden's Running Mate in politics
0 ups, 4y
Thank you, I appreciate it!
Untitled Image in politics
4 ups, 4y
Rut-roh! The Coexist sticker peeled off the rear bumper of someone's Chevy Spark! It'll be ok dude, I promise!
Barkley giving some truth in politics
7 ups, 5y
My guess, from reading his comments, is that said political affiliation is a moot point; Irrespective of which way you sway, Mr. Barkley is asserting (at least how I interpret it) Dems only express concern for the black contingent at a time when it is most beneficial to them. Do Republicans do the same? Yes, to a degree I suppose, but I do feel Dems are a bit more frisky when it comes to to the "ohh, white rich people"- this and "ohh, brown people" -that tropes during the election cycle.
New Coke vs. Coke Classic in fun
0 ups, 5y
i know. its cool :-)