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New Coke vs. Coke Classic in fun
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i know. its cool :-)
Covington Catholic Apology in politics
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didn't say it was. im sorry if thats what you think i insinuated. for me, its more about the facet of maturity: one is a 15 year old HS kid and the other was a 62 year old man. The person whom is supposed to be mature wasn't mature and decided to instigate a situation with a minor. Its a hard case to make that Phillips was "bullied" when he, essentially, asked for it by going up to them. It's also about common sense: adults should have a modicum of menial brain activity which would tell them that approaching kids and purposely attempting to annoy them may not make for most amicable end result. In other words, you are in no position to complain about the forest fire when you were the one who threw the lit match on the pile of dry leaves.
Covington Catholic Apology in politics
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Fair enough....
I guess the thing that bothers me the most, that I haven't seen anyone really talk about is this: Phillips is a man, a grown adult whom is supposed to conduct himself in a mature manner; The Covington kids are just that....kids whom are more prone to immaturity and all the wayward things that come with adolescence. An adult, irrespective of political leaning or affiliation, should have the maturity and common sense to know it's probably not the smartest thing in the world to instigate and provoke kids by getting in their faces. You can have the whole "kids need to respect their elders" conversation, but again, Phillips instigated the kids, they didn't instigate him.
Covington Catholic Apology in politics
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Covington Catholic Apology in politics
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The fact that the narrative was that these kids got in the face of this "poor man" under the guise of racism whilst mocking him, when in fact it was HE who approached them and started banging his drum in the one kid's face. Oh, and by the way, it's being reported the kid and his family are receiving death threats.
Bullying works both ways here. Yeah, he acted like a punk kid.....a 15 year old, immature kid. Nathan Phillips is a grown man whom should excercise some maturity by not instigating a situation whilst being the one whom approached those kids, not the other way around.