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Why Tax Fun? in politics
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Taxing land speculation will destroy the land price inflation bubble. Then, nobody will invest in land except users. Land will be cheap.

Land always stays as expensive as possible because the tax is so low, it is profitable to hoard vacant land. When it isn't, land ownership will be easy.
Why Tax Fun? in politics
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Yes, the rent will get paid BUT, instead of going to investors, it should replace the taxation of labor and commerce.

Because we don't benefit by rewarding land speculators but we WOULD benefit by un-taxing everything that makes life more fun.

Also, taxing away the profitability of land hoarding will drop the price of land to its lowest possible level.
Batman Explains Homelessness in politics
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Russia Vs Ukraine Meme 1 in politics
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There are several competing interests. But one of them is western media, which seems to love weapons manufacturing companies and they love all the attention they get when there is war going on. But they should not be pushing Ukraine to fight like they are.
Russia Vs Ukraine Meme 1 in politics
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No. They are just not equipped or motivated because the people behind both sides are just interested in money and power. It's not like they are fighting for some principle, like democracy. I saw a better meme about it. I couldn't save it so I can't show you. But the mouse spanks the dog with a board and hands the board to the cat. The mouse is the west, the dog is Russia and the cat is Ukraine.