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Consistent crap with cats. You run the sweeper and all of a sudden they have hairballs to puke up or deposit dingleberries in a dark hallway where you step on it after putting on your favorite cozy socks you just washed. My one sometimes eats my hair which is butt length so when he craps the turds are like a shish kebab on the hair which gets stuck in his butthole. So he walks around with a few pieces of a turd on one of my hairs and it swings around and he'll even chase it and get on the counter dragging the turds across the counter. I have to grab a paper towel and pull my hair out of his butt or he'll keep doing dumb crap. He isn't very bright!
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Yeah a 2 year old would know that crap like "FIRENADOES" and especially "HAYNADOES is pure crap. Read a lot on weather particularly clouds and especially tornadoes and things associated with them and they have changed their stories so many times on true clouds so many times it's insane. True clouds don't get cut in half by bombers and planes flying through them, they don't shape shift, they don't expand and fill the sky and etc. The NWS, NASA, governments, corporations despite political views, entertainment industry and media are all good actors who start factions, stage murders, commit genocide and slowly program people for their own gain and people still keep thinking some leader will bring peace and oneness. Those who see through this get called conspiracy theorists, haters, bigots or some type of "phobe" and it's getting really old. These leaders laugh at them. The memes take the edge off and are true. 😤😂
this is so incredibly specific it has to be based on a personal experience in fun
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Yup. I have 3 turds... Oops I mean cats. Haha
Untitled Image in fun
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Well for a cat yes but this meme was meant to express how a person might look once the meth high kicked in.