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No Hooman No in cats
0 ups, 1w
I thought that at first too but then the one who posted this gif up said it was one of the hairless cats. I've seen some I was sure were dogs too but they were cats. I thought this was a dog at first for sure. I'll see if I can fid this source again and get a look at one I can pause and examine but I have seen some hairless breeds that I thought were dogs so idk.
The Dumb One in cats
1 up, 2w
Haha that looks like Cole. Bombays have black lips, paw pads, whiskers and nose while other black cats can have other colors plus their fur shines like patent leather in the sun.
The Dumb One in cats
1 up, 2w
A boy named Max. We never went for purebreds but the place we got ours is a rescue place & doesn't make it nearly impossible to adopt like most do now & she didn't charge based on breed. Turkish Angoras odd eyed white can cost $800 from a breeder. Noticed his greasy look to his fur plus how he felt & his insane asylum behavior & he matches perfectly. Before him we had another accidental one we got at a cat rescue who was abused & he was a Turkish Van. He had been abused then abandoned and was 6 years old so most wouldn't adopt an older one. Got in in '99 and he got cancer at age 19 in 2012 so nearly 20 years. Likely outlived the kittens. He sat up and begged and put paws together moving them up and down. I've seen gifs of cats doing this and it works at getting them their way and vans are quirky too. Turkish cats are just wacky cats. From the same woman we got Max from in 2012 is the same one we got Cole from who is a hulk of a cat and a pure Bombay with copper eyes and looks like a back of the witch's broom cat and they call that breed "velcro cat" because they tend to glue to one person especially and claim them. I have to whisper to the other ones and sneak around to give them attention because if he hears me he'll come and look at me with betrayal & gets in front of the others. He's identical to a black panther except in size. Even walks with that sway in their butt end like panthers do. Other is a blue pointed Snowshoe/Tonkinese blend and is a true giant. Grumpy cat was a seal pointed snowshoe and was a dwarf. He's huge and mainly the skeleton and his name is Big Boy. Gorgeous cat, huge, very talkative like Max and a tyrant like Max. He was rescued from a drug dealing hoarder house who had many cats starving to death but she fed him because she liked him but had him caged with a bunch of other cats. They got her to sign him over to them by claiming they were going to get him treatment but it was really for them to take the cats. She made threats when she found out. We needed to sign the adoption papers for Cole anyway so she called us and asked us to come down and do that then she tried to hard sell him to us. She knows us and knew he'd be in good hands and she doesn't hard sell so we got him too. It was October 2016 so we only got Cole because she knows us. Most won't adopt out black cats in Oct & they're least likely to be adopted because of superstitious idiocy.
The Dumb One in cats
1 up, 2w
Haha nice. Those are Turkish Angoras. I have one but ginger and white and not odd eyed. Turkish Angoras are lunatics and especially mischievous which is why I enjoy them.
Obnoxious Turd in cats
1 up, 3w
I can see how it looks like a glove but the size of it isn't large enough to be a hand in a glove and I don't think any human hand could fit under there aside from maybe a newborn. IDK hmm...