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Dude No Way in cats
0 ups, 2d
This one is more of that blue gray color like a Russian blue maybe but yours looks black. Maybe just the lighting but if yours is black then I have one that looks like yours. Looks like a Bombay. mine has the copper eyes, although they can have other eye colors, short super black hair that looks like patent leather in the sun and can sometimes notice a sable coloring too. Bombay is a blend of an American black cat and a Burmese. They're muscular hard as a rock body cats and not huge skeleton but muscular and walk with a signature walk like a black panther. They bred them that way to resemble a mini panther and they sway their butts back and forth when they walk a bit. Other black cats can have pink noses, lips, paw pads but the Bombay is all black and nicknamed "velcro cat" because they're glued to their owner a lot. They're pretty quiet when it comes to meowing. Mine likely weighs 15 or 16lbs.
Kitten Toes in cats
0 ups, 2d
I have 3 but get these gifs from either one of the gif sites, Google search or Pinterest.
Kitten Toes in cats
0 ups, 1w
Their front legs have the "thumb claw" by the giant toe bean. If that wasn't there it'd be 32. I originally thought forty but then after the 36 was mentioned I observed my one idiot cat's back legs and no thumb claw on them but those are on front. we learned something.
Kitten Toes in cats
1 up, 1w
Yup 36! didn't consider that. Good job!
Kitten Toes in cats
1 up, 1w
No wait idk about the back legs. Could be 36 then. I'll find out