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AHHHH in fun
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Yes even though they are total turds yes I enjoy their middle finger to the world attitude. I have 3 cats and a snake.
AHHHH in fun
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The media, governments and other leaders are liars. They pulled this with Y2K, SARS, H1N1 and now this. They've taken it further this time. Look at how much money small businesses and even chain restaurants are losing and how much mega corps like Kroger, Wal-mart, CVS and especially Amazon are making plus governments worldwide are making a fortune. Most younger people aren't aware of stuff they did in the past trying to spread panic. There is no need to stay home. Those with compromised immune systems and unhealthy older people and maybe babies are at risk just like they are with the flu but this that's going on is just insanity.
Outta my way in fun
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That's a huge dog and the kitten is likely only weeks old and they're that small then.
Get out in fun
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I know I didn't notice until after submitting. I was in a rush making it so I didn't spell check. Oh well haha
No more touch in fun
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Anyone who doesn't like cat memes or gifs can just avoid them just like I avoid political memes most of the time. I won't tell them not to make them though since they have that right like I do to make cat ones. I'm not a Kim Jong Un kind of person like too many are nowadays.