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That's mah laser in fun
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It's hard to tell by my name on here but I'm a woman who happens to enjoy toilet humor and own cats. Didn't start doing gifs until nearly a year ago and did memes before that so it's pushing 3 years I've been on here and with 2 memes or gifs a day they add up.. Mainly make these for a couple of guys who could use some good stuff to see each day but I submit them too. Was on memes. com before here but I think it got hacked because it was screwed up and different and I couldn't get back on it and memes. net before that. Not too friendly of people on memes. net & unlimited submissions means nobody sees a meme you make for months. I download all too so I have thousands. Mostly cats but not only
Kung Fu in fun
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Not amused in fun
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My Turkish Angora does but they typically do. Turkish Vans like water too and a few other breeds but most hate it. Turkish cat breeds are the craziest especially Angoras. Had a van in the past too and they just have crazy loving personalities but also MAJOR troublemakers.
Nutcase in fun
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Yeah after I did it I thought of other things I could've written like "Death metal" or "Metallica concert" but oh well nutcase fits cats in general anyway
Sup in fun
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Yeah. Kind of looked like it was considering taking that knife to go kill the human and then the human comes in and it just pretends it was stretching.