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Poor baby... in you-had-one-job
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The real crime is that someone took one of the best video game series of all time and made such a horrible movie out of it. #silverballers #pianowire
Wot in you-had-one-job
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Ahahaha... I lived in this town. Sadly Anus kitchen went out of business.
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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Absolutely appalled by this... it's who kidnapped *whom*
How Many Days? in fun
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Apart from all the avian dinosaurs which are still extant, obviously
Not all taxation is theft...but most of it is. in politics
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As Pakistan has a very poor historical record on gender equality and the education of girls and women, those lessons could lead to a great improvement in prosperity and security leading to better commercial opportunity for western companies within the decade. It's a great investment 👍