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Cookie Season is here!!! in fun
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Also, feel free to look here under "Selling Girl Scout Cookies" and it will provide you with even more information on how proceeds from cookies sales are distributed and used. I hope this helps!
Cookie Season is here!!! in fun
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Please don't continue spreading misinformation like this. This is not the case and has been disproved over and over again, but if you'd like to read more about this for yourself, feel free.
And actually ALL the profit from our cookie sales stays in our local council and goes to both the troops and girls that sell them. It legitimately pays for all of our activities throughout the year.
Cookie Season is here!!! in fun
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If you don't have a local Girl Scouts troop you're supporting this year, consider picking some up from us! We are the last troop in our small town and social distancing is making in person selling a challenge, BUT we are offering 50% off shipping this year for each box of 6-12 packages to make up for it AND get them sent directly to your door!

*If you want to shop locally instead, be sure to check this link to find a troop close to you!*

Regardless of who you purchase from, THANK YOU for supporting the Girl Scouts!