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goldenunicornn3 (65084)
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Ayo it’s Goldie. I like Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Hamilton, Star Wars, Splatoon.
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B R U H in Zeldabreathofthewild
0 ups, 7mo
I'm going to Palm Springs the exact day Totk releases

I'm gonna have to play it in the car on the tiny switch screen, not ideal :(
Make ‘em tricky! in botw_experts
0 ups, 7mo
Oh yeah I did that
oo ee oo ah ah wang tang walla walla bing bang >:) in fun
1 up, 9mo
You should have made a spelling error in your meme just for the irony XD
Literally why are moms like this (sisters and brother as well) in fun
1 up, 9mo
Bro my mom's coworker had a son that went to my school, I knew the kids name but I didn't even know what he looked like and she STILL shipped us (btw yes I am gorl)