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God Bless America
So you think America is the only country where kids fight back against bullies and abusive teachers? You think the rigid social structure of our school systems that makes many kids live in a state of constant fear is only an American thing? You think gang violence only happens in American schools? You're deceiving yourself if that's the case. It's these things that bring guns, and other weapons, and other items being used as weapons to our schools, not the ease of access.
God Bless America
No, YOU'RE the liar, and that idiotic poster was a product of that French commie-sympathizer Thierry Meyssan, which is dismissed by those of us who are sane. "McKinney made no STATEMENTS - but rather - merely asked relevant questions - which, if there were any easy answers for them - it would have been in Mr Rumfeld' and Mr Meyers' interest to provide." Bullshit! She made false accusations in the form of a question, which 9/11 twoof-cult sheep do all the time. "No cover-up? Then why was all of the steel from the Towers shipped off to China - to be destroyed?" That's ALSO a lie! It was shipped to Fresh Kills Landfill to be examined along with all the debris there! "Glad that you acknowledge that WE are the attackers - in all of our "Wars of Aggression" around the world - " Oh, but we're NOT the aggressors. "Do you still say "Remember the Maine"? Are you still selling the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" ?" The Maine was an accident hyped up as an attack by the press and the Gulf of Tonkin incident WAS REAL!!
God Bless America
Yes, lies. There is no cover-up. Just because Cynthia McKinney delivered her BS accusations at a rapid-fire pace without having to take a breath, doesn't mean she wasn't lying, and she was! Reasonable human beings can see right through those blatantly propagandistic links. Wayne Madsen IS NOT a reliable investigator. He's just another delusional whack-job with a title and a following. The CIA was NOT the source of ISIS's weapons. ISIS simply STOLE whatever weapons they were able to get. And since you want to talk about crimes against humanity, I suggest you look into the countries we attack!
Building 7 collapsed at freefall speed from structural damage and fire?
Well, if you want to dismiss real truth and stick to the lies presented by the various factions of the "9/11 truth" movement, you should expect these kinds of responses.
Building 7 collapsed at freefall speed from structural damage and fire?
This "elephant hurling" claim is a load of crap, and is just another effort to dismiss the evidence. https://www.metabunk.org/sk/imagejgrg-20130605-141955.jpg