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Why they are extinct? in fun
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The reason humans still exist, but non-avian dinosaurs do not, is that non-avian dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago, while humans showed up about 250,000 years ago. To be more precise, there are still some dinosaurs, avian dinosaurs we call birds.
Mocking Creationists in fun
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Prove I have faith in materialism.
Mocking Creationists in fun
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I don't do faith, as it is belief without evidence or proof. I guess you didn't pay attention to anything I wrote, since you missed the part where there is evidence and observation to show evolution is a fact. You are projecting your own faults onto those who don't share them, and who refuse to share them.

You have to have the Dunning-Kruger effect in order to think you can falsify evolution without a PhD in the subject, a Nobel prize, and the immense fame that would go with such an accomplishment.

Show me a peer-reviewed journal with an article that shows evolution is false.
Mocking Creationists in fun
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Evolution is a fact that is supported by mountains of evidence, observations, predictions, experiments, and relevant facts, and is demonstrably true. Evolution has been directly observed in controlled and uncontrolled conditions in the lab and field, including speciation, which is macroevolution. The theory has given us the flu shot, an ability to fight back against newly evolved viruses, such as Coronavirus, and effective treatment for AIDS that provides a full life for those afflicted. Evolutionary biology is the bedrock of all of biology, and scientists will explain that nothing in biology makes sense without evolution. To deny the fact and theory of evolution puts you right on the same primitive level of flat-Earthers who deny the existence of gravity.
a brief history of hypocrisy in fun
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Whoever made this meme clearly didn't understand what Hawking meant when he said philosophy is dead. That is a way of saying that philosophy is no longer what it used to be, and is no longer alive. He was not saying he doesn't have philosophies he subscribes to. He was basically talking about how philosophers are beginning to argue against scientific facts, when it used to value science, and even gave rise to it, and that means it is dead.