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Alexandria Takes a Sabbatical
Yeah, most of the memes mock her crazy face, or better yet, the stupid things she says. But basically, her political stance is ultra-far left communist. To put it in perspective, even Pelosi and Mad Max Waters think she's too extreme.
Talking Politics - Left Middle & Right
It isn't a case of Tantrums. And Christmas is not just a "conservative" holiday. It is however the only holiday celebrated in the United States and many other countries in the world that Progressive leaning media goes to great lengths not to mention by name, going so far as to censor the usage of it and/or change existing media to remove references to the holiday. a major case in point about that is the Cheerios Christmas Carol commercial which has been edited in recent years to completely remove the word Christmas from being mentioned at any point during the commercial despite the fact that the story being portrayed in the Cheerios commercial is "A CHRISTMAS Carol". So frankly I think people have every right to be annoyed or angry about the overbearing censorship on Christmas, since it is again the only holiday in the United States celebrated by a major majority of the people while simultaneously being stricken from public mention with the insinuation that it is an offencive and it non inclusive holiday.
The popular thing used to be "y'all crazy a&& white people.". Well, it's come true. LOL
Silly liberal...antifa is just a bunch of triggered punks from the participation trophy generation that act out when they get their feelings hurt.
The popular thing used to be "y'all crazy a&& white people.". Well, it's come true. LOL
Well, just like every other nationality and race can "disown" those that they don't want associated with them, as a white person I disown antifa. They are a terrorist organization that targets civilians and destroys private property. They've committed numerous acts of unprovoked violence against citizens and should be treated as a terror organization. So no...they are disowned like the subhuman scum they are.