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Change My Mind in fun
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There, I fixed it.
Change My Mind in fun
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Maybe two people on this planet came to the conclusion independently that lasgna is spaghetti cake and thought it was interesting idea and shared it. Leibniz and Newton both invented calculus independently...why can't two people create two similar memes.
Change My Mind in fun
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As you can clearly see, I was talking about Lasgna, which is fundamentally different from "lasagna". Also, that meme says that it is "flavored" wherein my post posits that the item in question (i.e. the lasgna) "is". Since you can obviously see the differences, I would enjoy it if you could submit a written apology so we can put this whole mess behind us.
Change My Mind in fun
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I just now noticed it. Thank God it gets featured! Am I right?
Yo Dawg Heard You in fun
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image tagged in memes,black girl wat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker