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fever_dream (170021)
Joined 2022-05-29
Previous username: Arden_in_Space
Sup bitches || She/they pronouns, but any works ig || Lesbian, greysexual || ultimate slay queen girl boss 💅💅💅
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Also auseryoumayknow, shadowthegay, and others <3 in LGBTQ
2 ups, 1mo
Damn, I had no idea that Vulture and Rhino were in a homosexual relationship
:p in LGBTQ
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One of my grandpas lives in the same house as me and is quite possibly the most chill human being to exist on this planet
My other two grandpas are dead(grandpa and step grandpa
since so many of you wanted to read it, here. but you're not allowed to judge me. in LGBTQ
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I’m most definitely not a simp for jax, but