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Wo"man" in politics
1 up, 2w
Your rights do not supersede anyone else's rights.
Wo"man" in politics
1 up, 2w
The whole point of all of this crap is to destroy our morals,
then we can be made into China. You do not want to live under that government.
Shot in Chicago in politics
3 ups, 2w
Only Democrats are SO STUPID to elect a Lesbian as the mayor of a city that has a problem with young Men killing other young men and expect a MAN-HATING LESBIAN to care. The whole point of being a lesbian is THEY HATE MEN, So Men killing men should make a lesbian happy right?
Waiting in politics
0 ups, 3w
The Covid-19 is deadly to the weak, the elderly, Diabetics, and FAT people.
What types of people are the biggest drain on the health care system?
When medicine is socialized, and they want to cut costs......
Communist government historically speaking love killing their own people.
The Queen in politics
0 ups, 3m
She does not run the government.