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GTFO in my car in fun
0 ups, 1m
Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a half-decent pic online of a car going off a cliff? (I considered that one from Thelma & Louise, but then mixed metaphor.)
Diversity is Strength in politics
1 up, 4m
hoping "irony" is a concept still in fashion
More Imported Democrats in politics
3 ups, 5m
Oh, of course. My mistake. And they will all be processed by Immigration and Naturalization, as prescribed by law, to the letter, every single one. And not a single one will be let in the country until permission is granted. (Dang--how did I overlook that? I need more coffee. I think we'll all need more coffee.)
These are the facts, people. FACTS! in politics
7 ups, 5m
It is useful to note, be you Democrat or Republican, that it is very difficult to prove a case true if the courts refuse to even regard its merits. The question that has half the country vexed is, "Why are they refusing to hear the case?" These are not fabrications. There is sworn testimony under legal affidavit. There is VIDEO EVIDENCE, for God's sakes. And "suck it up buttercup" is your best response?