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The dude was robbed.
Ethan Shuler here!! is my site please check it out you guys. I really think he can still win, if we really really work hard to get le drumpf impeched. Even though I"m only in fifth grade I can tell Sanders was the best candidate. If my parents let me go out campaigning he would of one! -- 1/16th black and I hate hilary >:(
First Day On The Internet Kid
oh I LOOVE MEeming but usualy my bmotehr makes me go to bed too early to get on my internett! can someone MEMEIFY my face pleseaes? I'll send it to u to make funny memes out of [than shuler (like the open bracket I used instead of the E? hehe xd!)
But Thats None Of My Business
ETHAN SHULER 4EVER POWER USER btw 12 btw haHOO. hehe you scrolled down xd nam jef
The epicness is strong with them!
I am JEFF!!! DAE?? ethan shuler btw
Ill Just Wait Here
ethan shuler btw