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Village of Useful Idiots in politics
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For that one "special" literal f**ktard mod ;)
Stalin Claus in politics
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I'll just re submit it, there is absolutely 0 about this post against the sites "rules" & it is in the politics section. Obvious someones BIAS is screwing with me. I will spread this on every social medai site I can not just here as well as most of or all my MEMEs. Your pitiful attempts at trying to silence people with common sense to see through the BS pile that socialism/communism is that has murdered 100+ million, is not going to stop this country from rejecting this ideology. The MORE you fuktards try to silence the right the more we WILL vote for Orange Man CHEERS!
He will be you know in politics
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Good Fellas Hilarious in politics
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image tagged in screaming liberal | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You can comment all you like, just know I will keep rolling out the anti leftest memes FOREVER & I will never even bother looking at your meme list even once because I don't care what you think.